After a long 7 weeks, I’ve completed the fresh new Wheel of your time. You will find specific issues

After a long 7 weeks, I’ve completed the fresh new Wheel of your time. You will find specific issues

As i was understanding for each book, I left a term document of all the issues I got inside the discover. Specific is questions which were ultimately never resolved or particular could well be short information that i missed thus i merely desired to inquire about here to find out if anyone knows these types of answers. Really don’t remember the perspective/scenario for the majority of them issues and so i apologize whenever they are extremely effortless answers, I’d enjoys only forgotten to type the brand new responses into the time of training and i also forgot all of them at this point. Thank you for their help.

That is the individual one to wants wonders passing regarding Mayene so you’re able to Illian of Bayle Domon? Exactly who wrote the fresh forged letter “signed” from the King out of Cairhein? Bayle candidates the group sent to price terminology was in fact off Cairhien. The brand new coins one Bayle Domon gotten as the fee had Tar Valon marks.

What exactly is Lanfear’s connection to Perrin’s prior mind? For the Perrin’s dream, he had been wearing an excellent gilded Lion’s direct (Andor sigil?) head protection having gold armor and his axe.

Who was simply the fresh new channeler you to interrogated and killed Sahra Covenry on the newest ranch? Section 17 – Deceptions. (My personal imagine try Moghedien)

As to why is Faran (a member of the children of the White) so wanting to kill Perrin immediately after which disappointed whenever Dain Bornhald halted the transaction?

She phone calls your “my personal wildling”

  • “Make sure he understands [Demandred] I’m sure exactly what he is to.” Incidents towards the south got Demandred’s draw all-over all of them. Demandred had always preferred playing with proxies. “I will not features him or their family relations [Darkfriends?] interfering in my plans. For as long as they keep away from myself, their lackeys is carve out what he desires.”

As to why performed the new Dark You to definitely buy Semirhage to deliver Trollocs to help you attack Sammael’s Trollocs when you look at the assault into the Brick regarding Split?

She calls him “my wildling”

  • The latest lion blade, the loyal spear, she which sees beyond. Around three on the boat, and he that is deceased but really lifestyle. The great battle done, but the world not carried out with battle. The new home separated because of the get back, additionally the guardians equilibrium the fresh new servants. Tomorrow teeters with the side of a knife.

That is the 3rd top/group out-of Aes Sedai prepared to kneel to Rand whenever they get in touch once more? (Pg. 749)

Who’s the second “enraged animal/rabid beast” you to definitely appeared Tarabon (given that unsafe once the Rand) and you can was advertised to help you Pedron Niall when you look at the a page?”

Who’s POV exactly what the sandwich-chapter to your Page 319-320? As to the reasons performed the guy state he doesn’t have enough time leftover? Is he perishing? (Guess: Noal?)

What was in fact Verin’s advice to possess Beldeine when she put a lighter version of Compulsion on her from the Aiel tent?

Who was the brand new extreme man that have red locks within the a bluish cotton coat eavesdropping towards Elayne, Egwene, and you will Nynaeve for the Tel’aran’rhiod? Additional people eavesdropping on the opposite end used a Shienaran layer.

Who was simply the new reddish-haired woman with lots of jewelry you to fought Cyndane with a beneficial Ter’angreal and you can is actually stronger than Cyndane? Pg. 542

She phone calls your “my wildling”

  • “You are aware where to find the guy exactly who found me yesterday? Discover your, and you may tell him We agree, but you will see some more than simply i chatted about.”

What makes Masema ending up in Seanchan as well as how did he rating a page from Suroth? (Guess: Masema was a good Darkfriend?)

What exactly are all of the Aes Sedai starting on Silver Swan inside Caemlyn? As to the reasons performed an enthusiastic Aes Sedai staying at new Silver Swan Inn inside the Caemlyn mention Cadsuane, and why performed an alternative Aes Sedai shush their, about remain whatever they was basically stating of eavesdroppers?

Which murdered Anaiya and her Warder, and soon after towards the Kairen Stang (2 Blue Ajahs)? They certainly were murdered that have Saidin, nearby the wagons to your south side hommes blancs et femmes Porto Rico of your own go camping. Exactly what have been Anaiya along with her Warder starting truth be told there while you are everyone was sleep? (Guess: Halima aka Aran’gar?)

What is the interesting story about the Nynaeve with the Reddish Ajah Sitters buzzing and you can delivering siblings to research in the Cairhien? (Guess: this was when Nynaeve was providing Rand clean the newest taint idk if Shadar Logoth is within intimate proximity so you’re able to Cairhien or otherwise not)

Just who deceived Egwene’s secret intend to ruin new chain boom nearby Tar Valon? Who is Elaida’s magic broker into the Egwene’s camp? (Guess: Lelaine)

What’s the almost every other cause Elayne let the Borderlanders mix. As likelihood of the latest Borderlanders causing the most other House so you’re able to service Elayne hit a brick wall? (Guess: One thing towards Black Tower?)

She phone calls him “my personal wildling”

  • “A minumum of one reason We permit them to get across Andor nevertheless retains. Even when she failed to acquire brand new throne, she had over one to provider to have Andor. Until anybody who did make throne bungled issues entirely.”

Why was new Aes Sedai whom swore fealty so you’re able to Egwene (Nisao, Myrelle, Faolain, & Theodrin) area of the delegation into Black Tower? Did somebody intentionally need rid of the individuals loyal in order to Egwene?

Will there be an advantages to the mark toward Saerin’s cheek? It’s been said double in two books today. (Guess: I was thinking she is Mesaana however, which had been debunked)

She phone calls him “my wildling”

  • Rand senses their particular somewhere in the newest Northern. He assumes Arafel

Where performed Logain go ”scouting” and why performed he take 3 of the most powerful out of the brand new Asha’man which were loyal to help you him?

Who was the female Chosen than Isam confronted with and you will provided him commands in order to eliminate al’Thor? (Guess: Graendal or Lanfear with an effective weave out-of Illusion)

How come Pad continue seeing Rand shaving in the event the Ta’veren color swirl inside the direct? I do believe it happened two or three minutes during the last partners guides.

As to why did Egwene randomly query when the Tremalking is actually part of Tuon along with her Seanchan’s assets among the Dragon’s Serenity Treaty having Rand? How does she want Tremalking clear of the new Seanchan’s manage?

P.S. as to why did most of the dreams/visions regarding show keep saying one Pad try dicing that have this new Ebony You to definitely? Did it signify he was merely moving his fortune sometimes otherwise constantly in danger? I always thought the Ebony You to is actually corrupting your as the the guy receive the fresh new dagger for the Shadar Logoth but i am not sure. Sorry into long article but many thanks for any help you will give with this concerns. I’m able to fundamentally take in so it subreddit today without worrying from the spoilers 🙂

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